Zhaan's first post

(Monday, March 14, 2005 @ 12:46 AM)

Hi, everybody. Nice to meet you. Do you see me meeting you. Huh, do you, huh? I'm wagging my tail... no wait, I'm wagging my WHOLE HIND END just to show you how excited I am to meet you.

I'm a pretty good puppy... at least the knothead lady says so. She and mister knothead think I'm really smart. For instance... I'm mostly house trained. The lady didn't think it would go so easily, but I just about have it figured out. Sure, there's a few accidents still, but I almost always go outside. Out the door, run over by the fence, make a piddle, walk all the way around the yard, and sometimes do that other thing on our way around.

Mister knothead says he's trying to train me. I like this part. Clicks and treats. Woo-hoo!

Oh, and do you all know about bones? Rawhide bones are so neat. The knothead lady is amazed by how fast I go through them. Chew, chew, chew... I love to chew! Oh, but sometimes the knothead lady doesn't like that. She says they give me plenty of doggie chew things, I shouldn't chew on other things... like this:

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Well, it looked good to me! Yarn is fun, too, but she's being more stingy with that, since she noticed I liked it, and so I have to get it when she's not looking... and then I have to run, because even if she's sitting all tucked up like a pretzel, she will come after me and take it away.

Here's me doing one of my favorite things... getting my tummy scratched! The knothead lady wanted to get a picture of me doing my crazy face (DON'T MESS WITH MY TUMMY SCRATCHES!), but she only got the crazy eyes, and not the crazy teeth.

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Until next time.

- Zhaan


Blogger Brenda said...

Sorry about your Denise's... aw, but look at that face!! Don't hold back on the photos - we need more puppy pix in the world :)

7:18 AM  
Blogger Felicia said...

Hello, Zhaan! Seems to me you're a pretty lucky puppy, what with a good home and all that jazz! Congrats to you, and of course, enjoy those puppy teeth. Over here in bluFELICIA land, we did the puppy bit from HSPPR last year, and-- I don't think we have the energy or chew toys to do it again so soon! You are indeed a beautiful pup, and perhaps you can convince Mommy to give you your own blog.

Oh, I'm in agreement with Brenda- more pictures. I, for one, can never get enough of puppy pictures!


3:12 AM  

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