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(Friday, February 25, 2005 @ 8:50 AM)

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Betcha can't guess what I finally gave in and bought.

How much is someone's time worth? I had been winding my skeins into center pull balls by hand. It took me nearly 2.5 hours per 200 yd. skein. I wanted so bad to start using some of this yummy yarn I have, and I just couldn't bear the idea of all the time that winding it would involve... even if I just did the stuff I wanted to use right now, it would take so long I wouldn't be able to get around to knitting any time soon. With the ball winder, 200 yards only took about 15 minutes to wind. There's nearly 12*200=2400 yards of yarn shown here... that would've taken me somewhere between 24 and 30 hours to wind by hand, but only about 3 with the ball winder. So, using a conservative figure, I'll say I saved 21 hours by using the ball winder... my time would only have to be worth $2/hour then for the ball winder to have already paid for itself (mine cost me $38 plus tax and a 40 minute one way drive to get to the store... you can get them for about that from ebay, and a little more from one or two online stores... others have them for way more... the other yarn store near me was charging $12 more... oh, yeah... JoAnns online has them for $40 now and is offering 20% off your total purchase, which would probably cover all the shipping charges).

So, if you have a knitter in your life who doesn't have one of these things... they will love you forever if you get them one.

A swift might be nice, too... but the time savings for adding that would probably not be quite as dramatic, and they cost even more than the ball winder itself.


Blogger Jennifa said...

You speak the truth...Andy bought me one (ball winder) for Valentine's Day, and it's basically the best gift EVER. And every time I think that, I feel bad, because I'm put a stash related purchase above every gift (jewelry, electronics, etc) EVER. How sad am I?

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