Lots of knitting progress this week

(Sunday, March 20, 2005 @ 10:01 PM)

I knit the back of Ribby Cardi up to the length the pattern states before doing the armhole shaping. I'm still trying to figure out whether I should lengthen it or not. Too many things I own are too short, and a lot of the Ribby's I've seen are short in my book. But, I measured another sweater I have that is a length I like, and the measurements, both from the underarm down and from the shoulder down are really close to what the pattern lists, so now I just don't know.

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I've also knit the fronts up to 7":

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I did the last couple of ankle rounds on my 2nd Fuzzyfoot, and then knit the heel flap and turned the heel... only to find out that I'd knit the heel flap 2 rows too long, so I have to frog the heel turn and those 2 rows and then redo the heel turn (if it was the first one, I'd just leave it and do the 2nd to match, but since it's the second one, I'll frog). I didn't feel like taking a picture when I'd be frogging though, so nothing to show here on that.

I also got Clapotis back on track. I frogged a couple of inches, and as per MJ's suggestion (which was the same thing the LYS owner I asked about it suggested), I eliminated a few inches (I chose to take out most of a length of green... about 10"), and as you can see, that helped immensely:

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I was afraid the pooling would just start up again later, but it didn't, and I came to the end of the first ball of yarn just after dropping the 6th stitch. I estimate that I was able to knit 12,145 stitches with the first ball, and that took me through the increase rows and a little over 5.5 repeats of the straight rows. The 3rd ball should do the decrease rows and the same number of repeats. I used those numbers and figured that the 2nd ball will do 9 repeats plus enough to complete the partial repeats of the other 2 balls. That's more repeats than the pattern calls for, but I think the length will be about the same.

Have I mentioned... I love this yarn, I love these colors, and I love this pattern. It's all completely addictive, and it's all I really want to work on.


Anonymous springychick said...

I can't wait to see how the finished Ribby Cardi fits. If you're really worried about the length, it might help to add a few more rows so you don't need to worry about it being too short. Great pictures!

10:57 AM  
Anonymous marianne said...

hello from a fellow knitting blogger! actually, I found your blog through the knitty board, but anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures so I thought I'd say hi. :)
your clapotis is lovely! I also loved your alien scarf post and pics. I've been thinking off and on about making one but hadn't thought of using Microspun. mmmm...now I'm going to be obsessing about it. thanks a lot. ;)

3:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:50 PM  

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