Bored to tears...

(Tuesday, January 25, 2005 @ 1:07 AM)

I finally got around to Kitchener stitching the handles of my mother-in-law's Sophie (it's only been waiting a week or so for me to just sit down and do it).

My sister-in-law's Sophie had been waiting that long as well for me to pick up the stithes around the bottom so I could start the sides. That was waiting on me to finish the Kitchener so I could free up my 10.5 dpns.

So I finished that, and then I knitted, and knitted, and knitted knit stitch after mind-numbing knit stitch (broken up only 8 times every 10 rows for the decreases). I'm done with the 1st skein of the Peruvian Highland Wool... so pretty much exactly half-way done with the bag. And, since I was bored enough to make note of it, the end of that first ball comes a little over half way through the 22nd round.

Sophie is a great bag, and makes great travel or intense TV show knitting, but when you have to do it, and are on a schedule, so doing it means you're not doing the knitting you really want to do, it's just a tad bit tedious. Strike that... EXTREMELY tedious.

One bright spot... boy do those stitch markers I made (see here and here) look great against the dark green:

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