Why yes, I do have Startitis... how could you tell?

(Tuesday, November 09, 2004 @ 9:59 AM)

Before I forget to mention it, I did get over to Michael's yesterday, and SCORE! They did have the Homespun I needed in the right color, with the right dye lot even. Woo-Hoo!!!

I got an invitation to a baby shower this last week (the day after it happened, but we won't mention that... okay, so maybe we will). My cousin is having a baby in December. And for some insane reason, I decided I wanted to try to knit something for her. I'd seen a pattern for an adorable sweater/hat/sock set at the Coats & Clark website:

Patty Cakes cardigan & hat set Posted by Hello

Their website showed that they also had that particular yarn in more boyish colors, so I went on a hunt all over the city for it. The variegated Beach colorway was easy to find, but the first store only had the lime green to go with it, and I wanted the bright blue (of course, I bought the lime green anyways, just in case). Then for some reason I started thinking it was a TLC yarn rather than a Red Heart yarn, and that caused me all sorts of problems finding it. I did finally, though. I was so excited when I swatched for it... I was getting gauge spot on. But then I realized I was getting it with what was supposed to be the large needles and I was using the small needles... I'd have to go back for another set of needles.

So, I finally cast on (my first time successfully knitting on), and got the ribbing done:

Posted by Hello

Then I switched to the variegated yarn and bigger needles, and did a few rows:

Posted by Hello

Hmmm... it's pooling. I wasn't sure at first if I liked that, and I almost ripped it back out to start over. But, I figured that I would probably just end up with it pooling in a different place, and at least how it is now, the lime green stripe is fairly centered on the back. So, it stays. It's growing on me.

Do you notice what I did wrong? (No, it's not that the ribbing is bigger on one side than the other... the piece wouldn't stop curling so I could take a picture).

DD had picked out some blue yarn to crochet with a while back. After all that hunting for the matching yarn, I used the wrong one. It's also a bigger yarn than the variegated one... As long as I keep using it, I'm sure it will just look like a design detail, but BUGGARS! it irritates me.

I also notice that the ribbing looks bigger at the bottom and smaller at the top. Is that how 1x1 ribbing usually looks?

Oh, and just an aside... the larger needles I have are plastic ones made by Lion brand. I do not like them... way too bendy for my tastes, and the yarn is an acrylic, and it squeaks along them. I wish I'd held out in that size for metal needles.


Blogger Michelle said...

I think the pooling looks pretty neat. What size needle is giving you trouble? I have tons of metal straight needles and almost never use them. I'd be willing to let you borrow them if I have the right size. Can't wait to see how your poncho turnes out too. I love that one (from VK right?) and am half tempted to use some of my stash to make the same one. Shoot me an email if you are interested in borrowing those needles: michelle UNDERSCORE wayne AT yahoo

1:31 PM  
Blogger Jennifa said...

I also think the pooling looks neat...but I totally understand what you meant about things that you messed up on that look planned, but YOU know they weren't...it just picks at you.

10:10 PM  

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