I finished the back of the baby sweater...

(Friday, November 12, 2004 @ 1:25 AM)

* Aye, but it be a curly beastie! * There really isn't a bump
on the side of the fabric in the lower left... I just could only get
it to lay so flat.

I'm even less pleased with the pooling now... it travelled:

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Where the lime green and light blue alternate, it reminds me a bit of
the optical illusion with the sillhouetted faces and the vase in

I'm not changing it, though. I doubt it would be any less weird no
matter where I started in the color pattern (especially since it
travelled... either my guage changes from row to row, which I can't
see, or the colors are not exactly the same length each repeat.

About an inch from the top, I split the yarn on a stitch and didn't
notice it until the end of the next row. WHAT A PAIN!!! I had to rip
it out more than once, because I was not getting the stitches back on
the needle right. I finally ended up purling knitwise (I think... I
could be just making up a new stitch for all I know) in order to get
the stitches to go the right way. If I never have to do that again,
it'll be too soon.

Now the neckline stitches are sitting on my biggest cable needle. You
think that'll get me to finish this off before I start on that poncho
I SOOOOO want to make? Maybe if I can convince myself that there's
nothing else I could possibly move thm to to free up the cable needle.
Uh-huh... I'm that gullible, especially when I'm the one telling the

I started on the ribbing for the left front. And then just about the
worst thing that could've happened as far as knitting goes happened.
My needle fell down the side of the couch. Now, you have to
realize... this couch is designed as a trap for stuff. It can fall
down in their easily, but it's impossible to get it out w/o removing
some of the staples holding the fabric taut on the side: There's a
board placed just so as to keep it all away from where you might be
able to reach it. So, my DH and I tipped the couch over, and he
pulled out a bunch of staples so that I could just snake my arm in and
grab at stuff. OH, WHAT I FOUND IN THERE! The instructions for
caring for my new cookware, pens and kid necklaces, the needle I knew
I lost AND one of the ones for the set I have to use for the regular
knitwork on this baby sweater (I didn't even know that one was
missing)... oh, and that pink crochet hook that came in my Crochet for
the Cause scarf kit. I owe my 4 year old an apology. And, I
scratched up the back of my hand and my arm on the plywood. The skin
on my hands is not tough... I have eczema, and they do not need to be
beat up like that.


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Okay... that is just too cool. Love the way the colors are pooling. How fun is that?


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