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(Monday, December 13, 2004 @ 10:22 AM)

I've been rolling my yarn into center-pull balls. This is seriously my least favorite part of knitting. I'm thinking I need a ball-winder. It would save me about 2 - 2.5 hours per skein.

Center Pull Ball Posted by Hello

Another one Posted by Hello

However, I really really love the results. I get such a kick out of pulling out the yarn. It reminds me of that silly magician's trick with the endless scarves. Just fun.

I put secret project #2 aside because I had to tink back a row, and now I have to figure out how to make sure each stitch is on the needle the right direction. I was doing k2p2 ribbing... would all the yarn still wrap under to the back, over to the front like knit stitch does, or would it be different for the knits and purls?

And I started secret project #3 using the Byzantine. I can't wait to show you the pictures of this one. It is FABU! This pattern is gorgeous with this colorway. I love it.

So, in lieu of actual knitting photos, I found a fun little survey over at A Call to Adventure...

Holiday Survey

1. Egg nog - yum or yuck?

YUM! Love the stuff. I get excited every year when it starts appearing in the stores next to the milk. I usually cut it half and half with milk, because otherwise it's just so rich, and, it saves a little money too.

2. Stay up until midnight on New Years?

Yep... of course, I stay up until midnight MOST days. I'm one of the worst night owls I know. Going to bed at midnight would be rather early for me.

3. Prefer white or colored lights?

I love both... white lights look more elegant, but colored lights are fun and happy.

4. Favorite holiday song.

Wow... that one is really hard. I like so many of them. Silent Night and Away in a Manger are probably my two favorite spiritual ones. Walking in a Winter Wonderland is pretty high on my traditional songs list, but I'm not sure if I can say favorite, because I feel like I'm drawing a blank, and just can't think of the names of others that I like.

5. What is your tackiest holiday decoration?

What? Nothing I own is tacky! (Ha!) I've always wanted to do have a special commemorative Christmas ornament for each year. That only happened the first year we were married. I bought a frog prince ornament (it has a string hanging out the bottom that if you pull it makes the arms and legs move up and down), because I'd kissed enough frogs and found my handsome prince. I think it's cute, but it's silly, too, and rather large for tree-hanging.

6. Do your kids have too much and you wonder just WHY you are getting more?? lol

Sortof yes, sortof no. I'm not good at getting rid of things, so toys have a tendency to get out of hand, but this year, we moved, and haven't gotten much back out, so it doesn't seem as much like they have too much.

7. If you celebrate Christmas, when does your tree go up and come down?

Um... when I get around to it. I'm not so good with schedules.

8. Christmas again - open presents on Christmas eve, morning, or other?

Both... I like to get jammies to open Christmas eve, so that Christmas day pictures look good, but most presents have to wait until Christmas morning.

9. Favorite holiday tradition?

Um... also not good with traditions.

10. What do YOU want for Christmas?

Denise interchangeable needles (I'm getting really sick of having to go out and buy needles before I can start any project, and what if I don't get gauge... 2 trips? And that's only if I don't end up on a wild goose chase, which is my SOP*... it seems whatever I want, whatever store I go to ends up being out of them when I need them... and the GOOD yarn stores are 45 minutes across town).

Lotsa knitting books.


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