Get away from my stash!

(Thursday, December 02, 2004 @ 9:38 AM)

Hmmm... maybe I'm just a little bit possessive here.

I had laid out my lovely new yarn for it's photo op, when this little imp came along and thought she'd claim some of it as her own:

"Mommy...Posted by Hello

I want you to make me a robe out of

This yarn right here (the Last of the Summer Berries),Posted by Hello

Right now!

Or else!"Posted by Hello

A robe? Interesting choice of apparel for this yarn.

And, so not going to happen. Besides the fact that the yarn is already destined for something else (well, at least one skein of it, anyways... we'll have to see how much yarn the planned project takes), being demanding is a sure way NOT to get what you want around here.

LOL... luckily for her, she was just trying express her desire in a silly way (notice the grin on her face), not really trying to bully me into it. If she's lucky, I'll have enough of it left over to make her something small... like 4 year old sized fingerless mittens. We'll see. But it definitely won't be until after I get all my other Christmas knitting done.


Blogger stefani said...

She is a cutie. How sweet that she was trying to bully you into a robe.

9:47 AM  

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