Falling farther and farther behind

(Thursday, February 17, 2005 @ 12:14 PM)

I had a plan for what I wanted to accomplish with my knitting this year (the first 3 months are fully fleshed out, the rest have very little yet):


  • MIL's Sophie needs a small fix and a felt
  • SIL's Sophie DONE
  • SIL's Scarf DONE
  • Sister's scarf I still need to get the yarn
  • Mom's Booga I have most of the yarn, and have done some calculations


  • Ribby Cardi I've got a long ways to go
  • Homespun poncho still stalled
  • Fuzzy feet one about half done
  • DH's NaCraga I have the yarn... I REALLY need to get started on this if I'm going to get it even close to done.
  • DD's crocheted poncho I have the yarn


  • Bear in bunny suit (for baby girl to be born near the end of March)
  • ? ABC Blanket (for same... might do a crocheted blanket instead).
  • Clapotis I have the yarn
  • A different SIL's ?
  • Nantucket Brocade sweater I have the yarn

As you can see, I'm really not making the kind of progress I'd like to (and this list includes putting off the thrummed mittens for my Dad for next Christmas... there was no way I would've gotten them done by his birthday last month).

I think part of my problem is that the projects I need to work on most are NOT at all the ones I want to do. I can't feel justified in doing what I want with the already promised items still nagging at me to finish them, but I also can't get excited about them and make serious progress on them.

Even the fuzzy feet I'm working on, which I really NEED because my feet are always so cold, are not really much fun, because I'm still not liking working with the DPN's... mostly because I'm not doing as well on them as I would like to. I'll talk more about that in another post, though.

There's so many more projects I want to get to, besides what's on this list, and I can't hardly even look at NEW ones... I'll never get to them anyways.

Sorry about the whine... I'm just so discouraged about it all, and wish I could find a way to start making some real progress.


Blogger Bron said...

I can SO relate. I was feeling exactly like you are now. The only cure for me was to scrap everything & go all new. I realize that might not be the right solution for everything on your list, but are there a few things you could drop without feeling guilty & then work on something you really, really want? It made a world of difference to me - Uxbridge was the last "moldy oldy" I had to worry about & it felt great when it was finally off the needles!
Even if you're stuck with the projects you have, at least you know someone understands! :::big hug:::: I hope you find your cure. :)

4:30 PM  

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