100 rows

(Thursday, December 16, 2004 @ 1:06 AM)

Secret project # 1 went so, SOOOOOO much faster than secret project #3 is. Not too surprising... they both used the same type of yarn, but #1 was knitted w/ 28 stitches per row on US 8's, while #3 is knitted w/ 54 stitches per row on US 5's.

So, now that I've done 100 rows on #3, I've worked 5400 stitches, and it's 15" long.

#1 used 28*(56*6+5, or 341 rows)= 9458 stitches total. Stitch-wise, I'm well over half way through the total of #1 (57%). I am only able to knit about 2.5 inches on it in a day. I'm getting SO, SOOOOOO tired of it... even though I love the way it looks, I'm just so bored. I wanna play with something else.

*Update 12/21/04 11:47 pm.... I had just saved this post as a draft, instead of posting it. Now, I've used almost the entire skein for #3. There's very little left... maybe enough for another row or two, but almost certainly not enough for the complete 4 row repeat... and now the surprise item is 27.5" long (the finished item will be twice that). At 188 and 54 stitches per row, that's 10152 stitches. Hmmm... that doesn't seem like nearly as big a difference stitch-wise as it felt like.


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