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(Saturday, December 25, 2004 @ 7:47 PM)

I swatched for Ribby Cardi today, and luckily, I'm getting gauge with the recommended needle size... most surprisingly, I'm getting row gauge, too. I'm not used to that happening.

Now I'm ready to cast on, and being the prefectionist I am, I'm feeling all hung up about what cast-on method to use. Is there a best one to use for ribbing? Is there a place online that talks about the pros and cons of different cast-on methods (I 'm hoping so... I don't want to have to wait to find a book about it before I can cast on)? I usually (HA! I'm a rather new knitter... usually doesn't mean too much yet)like the cable cast-on, as it looks nice and is nice and stretchy, too... but I heard someone mention tubular cast-on, and was wondering if there was a reason that would be better. The tutorials seem clear as mud to me (I think I'd have to follow the instructions before they really made sense to me), but it seems as if with the tubular cast-on, your first little bit looks 1x1 ribbed. I'm not sure how I'd like the look of that with the ribbing that already exists in the pattern. And someone else said they used the long-tail cast-on, which is one I haven't tried yet (told you I'm a new knitter).

Any help would be appreciated. I hate feeling so indecisive, especially when I really just want to START working on this.


Blogger Michelle said...

I'd be interested if anyone knows of a book that talks about the best uses for each type of cast on as well.

I use the cable cast on for almost everything I make. I use it because I tend to get a more even cast on (so it doesn't end up being too much tighter than the rest of my knitting). The long tail cast on looks identical, to me, as the cable but I tend to pull the yarn too tight and it comes out funny looking.

The only time I've heard of using a special cast on is when doing lace work or colorwork.

Hope this helps!

10:45 AM  
Blogger ttbookjunkie said...


I just wanted to come over and wish you a Happy New Year! By the way I love the snow flakes falling on your site.

Happy knitting!

8:05 PM  
Blogger Marlene said...

"The Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook" has an entire chapter on the various ways to cast on and off and when to use them.....but I STILL generally use the cable cast on for everything. In the book it says the cable cast on is "not very elastic" but I have never found that to be true. My cable cast on is very flexible, looks tidy, and I like the effect it gives.

The book suggests the following cast-ons for ribbing: Channel Islands, alternate cable, tubular, tubular for double rib.

I've never really like the added bulk of a tubular cast-on, but it IS what seems to be recommended by the "experts".

1:48 PM  
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