UPS came... finally

(Monday, October 18, 2004 @ 5:07 PM)

My long awaited Crochet for the Cause kit came:

Crochet for the Cause kit Posted by Hello

I was so excited, I could barely make myself stop to take a picture before tearing into it. I found something to wrap the fringe with (note: a VCR tape is a perfect measuring guide for 10" lengths of yarn... 4" wide and 1" deep), and was working on that, when I noticed my 4 year old messing with the pretty pink crochet hook. After getting her to put it down, I finished up the fringe wrapping, and then cut it and used a small bit of yarn to tie the lenths into a bundle, so I wouldn't lose them.

Then in true Knot Again fashion, I couldn't find the pink crochet hook so that I could start on the scarf *whimper*. I searched all around where it and I had been; the little one denies taking it, and I couldn't find it where she had been (insert head smacking sound here).

Now granted, I do have a Crystalites hook in the same size the pink hook is supposed to be, so I could probably go get that if I had to (and if it doesn't turn up by the kids' bedtime, I will, so that I can work on it while I watch TV), but I sooooo want to use the pink one (silly, huh)?


Blogger Jennifa said...

I understand completely...I would be the same way. I'd either be upset because that's the hook it's SUPPOSED to be made with, or I'd be upset because the hook

9:26 PM  

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