Inspiration coming out of my ears

(Sunday, October 03, 2004 @ 11:50 PM)

I stopped at Barnes and Noble and then at Hobby Lobby, and bought magazines at each place.

The first magazine I picked up was Interweave Knits Crochet special:

Interweave Knits Crochet Posted by Hello

I've really wanted to make this bag since I first saw it, so I gave in and bought the magazine, even though it's the only pattern in there that REALLY inspires me.

Color Splash Handbag Posted by Hello

I also picked up Better Homes & Gardens Crochet:

BHG Simply Creative Crochet Posted by Hello

This one is more promising. I found a bunch of things in there I'd like to do. I LOVE this beaded scarf:

Beaded scarf Posted by Hello

And I think the Hooded Car Coat is nice, although I don't know if it will ever rise to the top of my list of things I want to make:

Hooded car coat Posted by Hello

My 6 year old daughter would love this flowered bag:

Flower Power Pack Posted by Hello

And my (almost 4) year old is really into Strawberry Shortcake, and she loves pink, so I think she'd like it if I could figure out a way to make this cute sweater and hat set in her size (the magazine only lists 18 months and 2 years):

Strawberry Outfit Posted by Hello

And finally, I found last year's issue of Vogue Knitting International:

Vogue Knitting International Winter 2003/2004 Posted by Hello

Jackpot! I want to make so many of the projects in here. The one I most want to make is this turtleneck poncho:

Fringed poncho Posted by Hello

I wonder, though, if it would be too much for me. So far, the only thing I've knitted is my Optik scarf (and I'm not done yet), which is only garter stitch (granted, I did do some stockinette when I was testing out the yarn, so I can do that, too). I REALLY do want one of these, though, and now is when the weather is right for it.

Here's some more of the projects that I like:

Fringed collar jacket Posted by Hello

Love the colors on this one. I would probably want to lengthen it, though.

Cropped pullover Posted by Hello

This one I would definitely have to lengthen. I love the shaping on it, though. Hmmmm... I also need to flatten my tummy a bit before I make it, or it won't look good on me.

Cabled Turtleneck Posted by Hello

I know this isn't the best picture. They had a bunch of pictures layered, and this one that showed the sweater best went across two pages. I was also a little wiggly, but since the other things were against me, anyways, I figured I wouldn't bother trying to get a better picture.

The sweater is covered in neat little cables that make a basketweave pattern. There's also a hat and cape pattern that match it (I probaby wouldn't make the cape, but I think it would also work for a scarf).

Fair Isle pullover Posted by Hello

I think this would be a neat pattern to try out Fair Isle on.

There is not enough time in my life to complete all these projects, not to mention all the stuff I already had in the works or planned before finding these. ARGH!


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