New knitting needles

(Saturday, October 02, 2004 @ 11:24 PM)

I stopped by Hobby Lobby today. I picked up a pair of plain old ordinary straight metal knitting needles (I think the brand is Boye, but I've already tossed the cardboard). I cast on again, and, they work so much better for me. I got through a few rows (somewhere between one and two inches in fabric length).

Then I decided I had another problem (make that two).

First, I don't know if I like the way the garter stitch looks in this fabric (okay, really, it's not one of my favorite looks any time I see it). So, I slid all my stitches off the straight needles onto the circulars for holding, and cast on again with the other ball (that turned out to be handy). Then I tried it in stockinette stitch. Alright. I'm not sure I like that either. It looks better from the front, but the back is definitely the back side. Hmmm....

The second problem is with the yarn being so thick in some places and thin in others. It seems that I get a lot of matching up of thin parts with thin parts and thick parts with thick parts as I'm knitting along. This leaves it looking worn through in some places, and I don't like it. Plus, the stitch pattern is more evident in the thin/thin areas.

I'm thinking holding two strands together would make me happier, because it would even out the thin/thick problem, and hide the stitches better. I'm just not sure if I would have enough yarn if I did it that way.

While I was there, I also picked up some more yarn for the stash. I'll post the pictures when I get the camera back.


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