I finally got to go to a real bonified yarn store today.

(Monday, September 27, 2004 @ 3:50 PM)

It wasn't the one I was originally planning to go to, because it turns out, they're closed on Mondays, but there were wonderfully yummy things at Knitter's Kove, too.

I got a couple of hanks of baby alpaca laceweight yarn in a greyish/off-white mix, which I plan to dye with Kool-Aid and make into a beautiful crocheted shawl that they had the pattern for in the store. I'll have to post a picture later... DH took the camera with him hunting.

I also got a couple of worsted weight skeins of wool, one in white and one in grey to play with color-wise. I was so surprised that I could find wool that felt nice, rather than being icky scratchy.


Blogger Mitzi said...

Isn't the Alpaca stuff nice! I've only been to one LYS and had a blast petting all the nice yarns...

Thanks for your help on my blog with the percentage bars. I took your advice and it's working out great. I've also subscribed to Bloglines - how neat! Is it OK to use the word "neat"?? Well - great blog! I love your template choice....

Will be looking forward to pictures of your yummy yarn, soon - especially since it's my favorite color!

3:23 PM  

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